What are the Effects of Mixing Marijuana and Alcohol?

"If you can’t resist drinking and smoking together, you may be addicted to one or both drugs."You should be aware of the effects of mixing marijuana and alcohol before deciding to take both of these drugs at once. Both alcohol and marijuana impair coordination and judgment; if you take both of these drugs, you may become severely impaired and unable to drive or operate machinery safely. Taking marijuana in conjunction with alcohol also makes each drug more potent. This can give you a high that is hard not to get addicted to, but can also make you physically ill and more prone to vomiting. If you can't resist drinking and smoking together, you may be addicted to one or both drugs. Consider calling 800-861-9454 to get help with your marijuana and alcohol addiction.

Are You Addicted to Marijuana and Alcohol?

It's sometimes difficult to tell the difference between addiction and recreational use of marijuana and/or alcohol. Both drugs are popular socially, and some people only use them when they go to a party or other social event. However, if you or your loved one has any of the following symptoms, you may need help overcoming an addiction to marijuana and/or alcohol:

  • Inability to stop or limit your consumption of either drug.  If you have difficulty refraining from using the drug for more than a few days, you may be dealing with an addiction. Addicts often sincerely promise to stop using alcohol or marijuana, but find themselves gravitating towards it anyway and unable to stop themselves from indulging. Similarly, if you can't limit your consumption - for example, if you can't stick to one beer or a couple of joints - you may be addicted.
  • Overuse of the drug when upset. Addictive behaviors often numb the addict to pain that he doesn't know how to deal with. If you smoke or drink more when you're upset, angry or depressed, you might be using the drug to stop yourself from feeling or dealing with these negative emotions.
  • Blaming others for drug or alcohol use. Addicts have a hard time taking responsibility for their actions, especially when they engage in the addiction. They may blame drug use on loved ones for making them angry or a job for being too stressful.
  • Inability to stop mixing drugs. If you drink every time you smoke, you might be addicted to both marijuana and alcohol. Using these drugs together makes both drugs more potent and can lead to severe impairment. This gives you a "super high" which can be more dangerous than either drug taken separately. Although mixing these two drugs can make you nauseous, marijuana inhibits your gag reflex so that you might not realize you're getting sick and overdose on alcohol.

Treatment for Addiction to Marijuana and Alcohol

There are several treatment options if you'd like help with addiction to marijuana and alcohol. Some people get the best results out of an inpatient rehabilitation program. This type of program requires you to live at a rehabilitation center with other people who are struggling with various addictions. Addicts often get counseling while at rehab to help them stop using marijuana and alcohol and to deal with painful feelings that may be underlying their addiction. Sometimes family members also benefit from therapy to help them understand the addiction and deal with the destruction to the relationships that addiction often causes. While at rehab, addicts also have the opportunity to attend 12-step programs to help them get support while they attempt to live without alcohol and marijuana.

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In addition to inpatient rehabilitation services, there's also outpatient services available. These types of services allow addicts to continue to live at home and participate in daily activities while attending therapy or other treatments at a hospital or rehabilitation center. Sometimes addicts participate in outpatient services after completing rehabilitation, although addicts may also elect to participate solely in an outpatient treatment plan.

Whether you've experienced the effects of mixing marijuana and alcohol or want to stop using these drugs before you start mixing them, you can find the right kind of help for you. Call 800-861-9454 or fill out a quick contact form to begin getting help and freeing yourself from a potentially fatal addiction.

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