Teen Alcohol Treatment

If your teenager has an alcohol problem, teen alcohol treatment can help him get back on the right track and live a healthy, productive life. Don't be afraid or embarrassed to get help for an underage problem drinker. Consider calling 800-861-9454 or filling out a quick contact form so you can locate the appropriate assistance for your teen.

Teenage Alcohol Rehab

"It's important to arrest teen alcoholism before it gets out of control." A lot of teenagers experiment with alcohol, but if your teen is drinking and getting drunk on a regular basis, teenage alcohol rehab might be in order. It's important to arrest teen alcoholism before it gets out of control. Teenagers' brains are not fully developed, so alcohol abuse among young people can cause permanent damage and stunt physical, mental and emotional growth.  If your teen needs rehab, make place her in a program that is geared specifically to teenagers, as young adults have special needs when it comes to treatment for alcoholism. Look for a rehab center that has the following qualities:

  • The site should be close to home. While adult rehabilitation facilities may not allow visitors, teen rehabilitation centers encourage adult participation in the teen's recovery. Some centers may require you to visit a certain number of times per week, and you may be required to participate in family therapy and other treatment activities. In addition, choosing a site close to home may make it easier on your teen to transition into the rehabilitation center. Finally, your teen may be rewarded for progress by being allowed to spend weekends at home, so you'll want to live close enough to the site to be able to transport him back and forth.
  • The site should provide educational assistance as well as psychotherapy and other treatments for addiction. Teens are still developing intellectually as well as emotionally, so the rehabilitation facility must allow them to keep up with their education. Educational staff should be familiar with learning disabilities and different styles of learning and be able to assist your teen in finding ways to learn that work for him.
  • The site should provide a comprehensive intake evaluation to determine the services your child needs. Although your counselor or family doctor might recommend inpatient treatment, this isn't the right option for every child. The center should do an intake evaluation to determine what treatment works best. Teens should only participate in an inpatient program if a less restrictive program won't be able to help them.
  • Adults should interact with your teen on a regular basis and be accepting of diversity.  For rehab to be successful, your teen must feel accepted and loved by the adults working with her. Staff should be able to relate to your teen regardless of her sexual orientation, gender identity, race or religious beliefs.
  • The rehab site should provide assistance with aftercare. Once your teen leaves rehab, he needs outpatient treatment to help him stay sober and help him adjust to life outside the rehab center.

 Teenage Alcoholism

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Alcohol use in teens is connected to greater teen fatalities - teens who drink are more likely to get in drunk driving accidents, and teenage alcoholics are more likely to commit suicide.

Alcoholism among teenagers is a serious concern. Teenagers who abuse alcohol have difficulty with concentration and memory, which can impact their ability to learn and retain information. In addition, teens who use alcohol are more likely to begin using marijuana and other drugs or engage in risky behavior such as having unprotected sex with multiple partners.

Although these statistics are bleak, there's still hope for teens who have begun abusing alcohol. Teen alcohol treatment can stop the progress of alcoholism and may even save your teen's life. Call 800-861-9454 to get help for your teenager so he can live a healthy, productive life when he grows up.

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