Sober Living for Alcoholics

What Is Alcoholic Sober Living?

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Alcoholic sober living environments are areas that allow those recovering from alcohol abuse and addiction to live with other recovering sufferers for a time.

Many residents of these sober environments for recovering alcoholics move on once they feel they have control of their addiction, often joining other support groups and assisting current residents and community members with the problems related to overcoming abuse. Each recovery center has its own community requirements that must be met in order to qualify for residency. For help finding a sober living environment in your area for yourself or a loved one, you can call 800-861-9454 or fill out our confidential and secure contact form.


"...can assist you with finding a nearby center that suits the needs of your loved one."
Sober living residences are more common on the west coast of the United States, but the concept has spread across the nation as many have found the group setting and constant sober living ethic a great benefit for recovery. Larger cities may have many recovery environments tailored to those of a specific faith, socioeconomic or ethnic group. Smaller towns may only offer one or two living environments without regards to religion, race or creed. Many would-be residents may have to travel to a nearby major city to find an environment that best suits their needs, beliefs and desired methodologies for alcohol abuse and addiction recovery. Our help line service is familiar with the methods and requirements of many centers nationwide, and can assist you with finding a nearby center that suits the needs of your loved one.


The benefits of such environments are similar to those of shared counseling or group therapy sessions. Members living together rely upon one another for support in their desire to overcome previous abuse or current addiction problems, and they share experience and knowledge unique to the issues raised. Residents are likely to learn personal histories and be able to support one another more closely than weekly or monthly groups. Many centers also provide licensed assistants for regular therapy sessions or require attendance at meetings for organizations endorsed by the sober living center. Call our confidential support line at 800-861-9454 for more information on the benefits of sober residency. You can also fill out a quick contact form for more information on convincing your loved one to use these resources.


"The fear of meeting new people, who also suffer the problems of abuse and addiction, must be overcome in order to function well in a sober environment."
Many would-be residents are off-put by the concept of living with those outside of their family and friends. The fear of meeting new people, who also suffer the problems of abuse and addiction, must be overcome in order to function well in a sober environment. Some will overcome this naturally as they meet current residents and receive assistance from others in the residency. Others may require counseling services beyond those offered by the sober environment before they're willing and able to enter such a living situation. Each sober living environment has its own rules for residents. These rules may pose a barrier for some who are unwilling to live under stringent guidelines. The rules commonly require abstention from all forms of alcohol, attendance of local or national addiction management meetings and random drug testing. Some centers may also refuse members based on their inability to fit in with current residents, regardless of the reasons behind the poor fit.

Alcoholic Sober Living Programs

The programs employed by sober living centers tend to mirror those of national or local alcohol addiction and abuse recovery organizations. These include twelve-step programs, faith-based resolutions and ethnic peer reviews. Each center will use its own methodology developed and proven through observation of current or former residents and no specific universal method works for all people recovering from alcohol abuse. Those seeking residency in a sober environment may need to try multiple centers to find a group that best fits their needs. For more information on group alcohol addiction counseling, benefits and treatment options call 800-861-9454.

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