How to Help an Alcoholic Sibling

Alcohol Abuse

Alcoholism is a pervasive disease, with ripple effects that spread into every corner of society.

If your brother or sister shows signs of a problem with alcohol, you naturally want to do everything in your power to help them. Calling 1-888-919-3845 today will put you in touch with a network of professional treatments centers ready to teach you how to help an alcoholic sibling. Alcoholism is a pervasive disease, with ripple effects that spread into every corner of society. Close friends and family members often suffer quietly when a loved one can't stop drinking. However, recovery is possible for even the most committed alcoholics.

In the past, alcoholics were viewed as morally defective or lazy, and they received little in the way of compassion. Doctors now understand that alcoholism is a disease, and medicines have subsequently been developed to lessen the hold that alcohol has on its victims. The exact causes of alcoholism are still mysterious, and may be somewhat different for each individual. In any case, some combination of genetic factors and environmental conditions predispose a person to developing alcoholism. Despite the fact that alcoholism seems to run in families, it's entirely possible for one child to develop the disease while another remains a teetotaler or social drinker.

Alcoholism has both short and long-term effects on the body and mind. In the short-term, a problem drinker may have trouble with family and personal relationships. They may find themselves on the wrong side of the law, or have a hard time keeping a job. After years of heavy drinking, the brain and nervous system become impaired. The risk for developing certain kinds of cancer also increases the longer a person drinks. Despite all of these health risks, it's never too late to quit drinking. Many of the ill effects of alcoholism can be reduced or eliminated once sobriety is achieved.

Helping Stop Your Sibling's Alcohol Abuse

"Explain clearly what will happen if the drinking doesn’t stop."Your desire that your sibling stop drinking may be well intentioned, but is likely to be met with resistance if your sibling isn't ready to give up his addiction. Unless he is faced with devastating consequences, an alcoholic may well live in a state of denial for years on end. If his social group tolerates or encourages over-drinking, you may find it quite challenging to make him see his problem for what it truly is. Fortunately, there are a number of effective steps that can help bring an alcoholic sibling back to reality. These steps include:

  • Stop making excuses for your alcoholic sibling's behavior.
  • Point out the immediate, negative consequences of your sibling's alcohol use.
  • Explain clearly what will happen if the drinking doesn't stop.

For many families, a professionally mediated intervention is the preferred method for communicating their thoughts and fears to the alcoholic. An intervention provides a safe and structured environment for you to express your love to your alcoholic sibling. A meaningful intervention represents a plea for the suffering family member to seek the help they most certainly need.

Options For Combating Alcoholism

Modern treatment options have come a long way in the battle against alcoholism. For severe alcoholics, the effects of withdrawal may be frightening, or even dangerous. However, detox facilities provide complete medical care during the withdrawal process. Prescription medications, such as anti-anxiety drugs, can lessen the feelings of panic or dread as the alcohol leaves the system. Throughout the recovery process, one-on-one and group therapy are essential for improving the odds of recovery.

" meetings are an important piece of the puzzle in maintaining sobriety."Many former drinkers find that group meetings are an important piece of the puzzle in maintaining sobriety. Individual therapy sessions work well to get at the core of whatever mental health issues may have contributed to drinking in the first place. At any rate, complete recovery from alcoholism is a lengthy process, but millions of people have escaped from their illness and found a better life.

Sobriety is a wonderful, possibly life-saving gift. When a brother or sister is trapped in the disease of alcoholism, you do have the power to help them become free again. If you want to know more about how to help an alcoholic sibling, call 1-888-919-3845 today. This free national helpline offers 24/7 support for both alcoholics and their loved ones.

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