How to Help an Alcoholic Grandmother

Grandparents are people just like anyone else, and they can be susceptible to alcoholism. This article will focus on how to help an alcoholic grandmother overcome addiction.

Symptoms of Alcoholism

If you frequently find yourself saying, "My grandma drinks too much," you may need to see if you can find her some help. Alcoholism with older people often begins with a simple drink at night to help them sleep or relax. This single drink can turn into several drinks to help get them through the day. If they are retired and stay at home, they may find that they drink out of boredom. Over time their bodies become tolerant of alcohol. Soon it takes more alcohol to make them feel the same high that they originally felt with only one drink. Some of the symptoms of alcoholism are:

How to Stop Drinking

Inpatient Alcohol TreatmentHaving a drinking problem can be detrimental to your life, in more ways than one. It can wreak havoc on your health, cause you to perform poorly at work and isolate you from your friends and family. The good news is that you can learn how to stop drinking and regain control of your life.

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  • Inability to stop drinking
  • Drinking more than you have intended
  • Strong need to drink at irregular times of the day
  • Drinking alone or hiding the fact that you drink
  • Experiencing physical withdrawal symptoms when you go for long periods without drinking
  • Drinking at scheduled times every day
  • Lack of interest in normal activities or activities that once gave you pleasure
  • Feelings of irritability when you cannot drink
  • Worry over running out of alcohol
  • Hiding alcohol in strange places in your home
  • Exhibiting dangerous behaviors, such as drinking while driving
  • Forgetfulness after a night of drinking or blacking out while drinking

Effects of Alcohol on Older Women

"According to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, nearly 50 percent of all women drink at least once per month, and nearly 25 percent of all women have admitted to alcohol dependency."According to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, nearly 50 percent of all women drink at least once per month, and nearly 25 percent of all women have admitted to alcohol dependency. As we age our bodies are more susceptible to the effects of alcohol. Age tends to reduce the body's ability to become tolerant. This means that alcohol can be more damaging on our bodies the older we get. Older women, more than any other group, take medications to help deal with anxiety and depression. These medications can be fatal if mixed with alcohol because when the two are combined, they can cause breathing to slow down and even stop. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, individuals aged 65 or older should limit alcohol consumption to one drink per day.

Treatment for Alcoholism

Group Alcohol Addiction Counseling

Inpatient Alcohol TreatmentAlcohol addiction counseling allows people suffering from similar ailments to come together and gain strength through shared experiences and support.

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Treatment for alcoholism can be tricky, especially if you are seeking treatment for another person. If you call some organizations to ask for advice, you should talk to them and explain, "My grand mother is an alcoholic." Let them know that the help is not for you. It would be beneficial if your grandmother is seeking help for herself. Often several methods of treatment are used at one time. It is extremely important that all appointments and group meetings are kept in order to prevent relapse. Some methods of alcohol treatment include:

  • Medications that help prevent withdrawal symptoms or deter them from drinking. There are currently three different medications on the market that have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of alcoholism. Theses medications include naltrexone, disulfiram, and acamprosate.
  • Inpatient treatment centers remove patients from their normal lives and use hospitalization to help them overcome addiction. This type of method tends to have a higher success rate than outpatient treatments because the individual is given support around the clock.
  • Individual therapy is given to help addicts identify the source of their addiction and find positive ways to use their energy.
  • Group therapy helps by allowing patients to socialize with others who have went through similar situations.

If you are concerned about how to help an alcoholic grandmother, the first thing you should know is that she needs to be ready up front for the help to work.

If you have a grandmother who is suffering from alcohol dependency, call 1-888-919-3845  to discuss treatment options. All calls are free and confidential.

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