How to Help an Alcoholic Boyfriend

Watching your boyfriend succumb to a debilitating addiction can be a painful experience. Naturally, you want to help your partner in any way possible, but you may worry about pushing him further into his addiction. Calling 1-800-861-9454 will put you in touch with experts who can give you meaningful advice about how to help an alcoholic boyfriend. As with any such condition, recognizing the problem is critical to securing the right kind of treatment.

Alcoholism Symptoms To Watch Out For

Only a trained professional can make the definitive diagnosis of alcoholism. However, there are specific warning signs that typically point toward a problem with alcohol. These include:

  • Drinking to get drunk
  • Talking about drinking more than other people
  • Drinking at odd times, such as in the morning or before work
  • Drinking alone
  • Mood changes, including irritability when sober
  • Frequent hangovers and poor performance at work or in the classroom

Alcoholism Treatment Programs

help partner overcome addiction When a person receives a diagnosis of alcoholism, the next important step is getting that person to appropriate alcoholism treatment.

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There are several steps involved in helping someone address his alcoholism. To be a supportive partner, the first step you should take is to learn everything you can about alcoholism and treatment programs. Research the negative effects of alcohol abuse so that you will have facts to present during any intervention, rather than strictly emotional appeals. Get in touch with local treatment facilities and see what they can offer.

Seeking Alcohol Abuse Treatment For Your Boyfriend

If your boyfriend recognizes his problem and wants to stop drinking, then your work is much easier. However, alcoholics can often spend the better part of their illness in denial. Penetrating the psychological shield of addiction requires some difficult tactics, but the ultimate goal is to communicate love and concern to the suffering addict. Consider the following actions as you work to make your boyfriend recognize the wide-ranging effects of his addiction:

"...vocal tone will be far more effective than an impassioned plea."

  • Stop making excuses for his problems. Don't lie on his behalf. For his own good, your boyfriend needs to experience the full consequences of his drinking. When you excuse the behavior, you enable it.
  • Point out the consequences in detail. Recount specific events and explain how they made you feel. Remain calm as you describe these feelings to your boyfriend.
  • Establish an ultimatum. Tell your boyfriend exactly what you will do if his drinking continues at the current rate. Again, don't become angry. A matter-of-fact vocal tone will be far more effective than an impassioned plea.
  • Recruit help. A carefully-timed intervention, attended by other loved ones and a professional counselor, might provide the tipping point your boyfriend needs. If he sees everyone he cares about gathered for his benefit, he may finally admit his problem.

The Long Term Effects of Alcohol Addiction

What is Alcoholism?

alcoholic partner Alcoholism is a chronic disease characterized by a physical dependence on alcohol. This dependence, or addiction, causes alcoholics to crave alcoholic beverages.

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The long-term health effects of excessive drinking should make quitting a top priority. Alcoholics are at increased risk of a variety of cancers. The brain may suffer permanent damage if drinking continues for too long. Nerve damage, poor nutrition, insomnia, and high blood pressure are likewise possible complications brought on by alcoholism. Most or all of these effects can be avoided or reversed, as long as the drinker acknowledges his condition and actively seeks help.

If your boyfriend is ready to get assistance for his alcoholism, the most important thing you can do is let him know that you support and will continue to support him throughout his recovery. You should stress that his alcoholism is a treatable disease rather than a weakness or character flaw. Become involved in his recovery as much as possible, and celebrate his milestones together. There's no reason a recovery from alcoholism can't be a relationship-building experience. When you're unprepared, it's hard to know how to help an alcoholic boyfriend. However, when you do your homework and explore all the options for treatment, helping your boyfriend conquer his illness won't be such a struggle.

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