Financing Alcohol Rehabilitation

If you have realized that you or a loved one has a problem with alcohol, you may be worried about financing alcohol rehabilitation. Though it is understandable to be concerned, you should be aware that there are options to pay for your treatment. Ultimately, the cost of continuing to abuse alcohol will be much greater than rehabilitation-and cost is only one reason to get help. For confidential and free help finding an appropriate rehabilitation program, call 1-888-919-3845 or fill out an informational form.

The Hidden Cost of Alcohol Abuse

What is Alcoholism?

Side Note Picture Alcoholism is a chronic disease characterized by a physical dependence on alcohol. This dependence, or addiction, causes alcoholics to crave alcoholic beverages.

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When considering the cost of treatment for alcohol abuse, you should remember that the cost of not getting treatment will be much more. If you are abusing alcohol, you are probably spending large quantities of money each week on liquor. It is not unusual for alcoholics to spend on alcohol even to the exclusion of paying rent, bills, or other necessary expenses. When you stop drinking, you will save yourself a considerable amount of money. If your alcohol use is interfering with you job, then you are putting yourself at considerable financial risk by delaying treatment.

Alcoholism also has long-range health costs. If you drive while under the influence and cause a car accident, you can be sued for damages. You are also at risk of losing your license, which means you will have to pay for taxi services. Losing your driver's license may make it impossible to get to work, or it could limit your employment options. A criminal conviction related to driving or behaving recklessly while under the influence might make you ineligible for some jobs. These costs make it much less expensive to get treatment than to continue drinking.

The Cost of Treatment

Treatment options range from very inexpensive to tens of thousands of dollars. Before you select a treatment program, make sure you understand exactly what is covered during your visit. Also find out what ongoing services the treatment center offers, such as therapy after the inpatient part of rehabilitation is over. The most expensive treatment programs are similar to luxury hotels. While that is certainly pleasant, there is no evidence that the more expensive treatment programs are more effective than less expensive options. You should also meet with the staff of the rehabilitation center before you make your choice. Select a treatment program that has a staff with which you feel comfortable.

Health Insurance

"Your health insurance may cover some or all of your alcohol abuse treatment."Your health insurance may cover some or all of your alcohol abuse treatment. If you are reluctant to call your insurance company to inquire about treatment coverage, you may be able to have the treatment center you have chosen do it for you. If you are concerned that using your work-sponsored health insurance for treatment will jeopardize your job, consult an employment law specialist in your state. In many states it is illegal to fire an employee because of alcoholism, since it is a disease.

Payment Options

You may be able to use credit for alcohol treatment. If you are concerned about your privacy, ask the alcohol treatment center how the charges will be billed. Some treatment centers will bill under names that do not explicitly refer to substance abuse treatment. You may also be able to get a loan for alcohol treatment. If you have equity in your house, this may be an option. You also may be able to get help paying for your treatment through a religious or community organization.

Don't let worries about financing alcohol rehabilitation prevent you from getting the help you need to improve your life. Paying for alcohol abuse treatment is an investment in your future that you cannot afford not to make. Fill out an information request form or call 1-888-919-3845 for confidential help.

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