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Alcoholism Treatment Programs

Side Note Picture When a person receives a diagnosis of alcoholism, the next important step is getting that person to appropriate alcoholism treatment.

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Individuals seeking an affordable alcohol treatment program should know that most rehabilitation facilities offer payment options in order to make treatment services affordable for everyone. Most forms of rehabilitation, including alcohol treatment, can be costly, and there are many factors that influence how much a treatment program will cost. Every individual who struggles with addiction has different needs. The severity of an individual's addiction, the type of substance being abused, the location of the treatment facility, and the duration and intensity of the treatment program all impacts its cost. Whether the treatment is done at a residential facility or on an outpatient basis affects treatment costs as well.

Paying for your alcohol treatment program in cash is one way to save money. Many rehabilitation facilities offer discounts to individuals who pay their rehabilitation program fees using cash. Not only are cash payments the easiest and most convenient way to finance addiction treatments, cash payments allow individuals to start treatment immediately with little hassle. You won't have to secure loan if you pay cash, so you will not have to worry about interest payments. If you don't have the cash to pay for your alcohol treatment program and need help finding a low cost alcohol treatment center, call our free helpline at 800-861-9454, or fill out a quick contact form.

Private Health Insurance

"Insurance companies that pay for addiction treatments often limit the number of treatments they will pay for. ."Many drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities use private health insurance to pay for addiction treatment programs. Some insurance companies pay a large portion of addiction treatment costs while others will only pay for specific services. Insurance companies that pay for addiction treatments often limit the number of treatments they will pay for. For example, some plans allow patient to receive only three detoxification sessions and four weeks of residential treatment each year. Always check with your insurance provider in order to determine how much of your treatment they are willing to pay for.


If you have Medicare Part A or part B, you may be eligible to receive affordable alcohol rehab services in a hospital setting and at certain drug treatment facilities. While Medicare will not pay for every aspect of your treatment, it will cover a certain number of detoxification sessions and a few psychological counseling sessions as well. Medicare also covers many outpatient services, lab tests, prescription drugs, and partial hospitalization fees.

Addiction Treatment Scholarships

"Addiction treatment centers provide scholarships to individuals with limited cash and no insurance."Many addiction treatment centers provide scholarships to individuals with limited cash and no insurance. These facilities generally make a specific number of full and partial scholarships available each year, and patients must meet specific requirements in order to qualify for them. If you are able to secure a scholarship, you can drastically reduce or eliminate the cost of your treatment and medications. Call 800-861-9454 or fill out a contact form for more information on addiction treatment scholarships and the types of facilities that offer them.

Employer Sponsorship

Many employers partner with alcohol and drug treatment facilities in order to make low cost alcohol treatment and other substance abuse treatments available to employees. This assistance is generally offered as part of an employee's benefits package. Addiction treatment facilities often reach out to business organizations and offer special discounts to the organization's employees in order to generate business and increase their clientele. This allows employers to offer help to workers who struggle with substance abuse at affordable rates.

Public Assistance

Countless government agencies offer assistance to individuals who need help with substance abuse. Many treatment facilities work with local, county and state organizations in order to provide many services, which include affordable alcohol treatment to individuals and families in need of low-cost help. Call our free national referral service at 800-861-9454 or fill out our contact form to inquire about facilities that offer public or government assistance to individuals who need affordable addiction treatment.

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