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Explore The Dangers of Alcoholism

Walking Drunk

Drunk driving is a well-understood danger, but are there dangers of walking home when drunk? This report explores how intoxicated pedestrians are contributing to traffic accidents.

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Your Hangover and You

Hangovers make individuals physically aware of alcohol’s damaging effects, but what’s going on inside the body? These animated illustrations show what happens to vital organs after a night of heavy drinking.

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Powdered Alcohol

This report examines the potential dangers of powdered alcohol in light of the FDA’s recent approval of the substance in 2015.

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Downfalls of a Night Out

Join us as we follow Alyssa’s night out to trace her evening of heavy drinking and its effects on her body.

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Lives Lost to Alcohol

We looked at data from the CDC to compare which U.S. states lose the most residents to alcohol-related deaths, which gender is most prone to losing happy and productive years due to alcohol, and which disease and injuries cause the most number of years lost in life.

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America's Alcoholism Awareness

How much do you really know about alcoholism? Many people have misperceptions about how much we as a society actually drink alcohol. This article examines our perceptions versus factual data.

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Deadly Drive

Alcohol-related traffic accidents are all too common with 28 lives being lost every day in the U.S. alone. We surveyed over 2,000 people to ask about their history of driving while under the influence of alcohol to better understand how prevalent this issue is.

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America's Loaded Roads

Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows the number of traffic deaths over an 11 year period. Using this information we take a closer look at deaths due to driving while drunk or on drugs.

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